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Two Eyes

The circle of life is divided into two:

Yin & yang in constant chase of each other,

Balance between two worlds,

It’s not all perfect yet still complete;

No pieces missing even when wishing for peace,

Perfection in the imperfections,

Light has to hold hands with darkness for love to exist.

Without either, we would be trapped in the jaws of blindness.

Without two eyes to make a difference,

We get lost in infinitum.

We may deny the dark because light is more appealing,

But we deny a part of ourselves and act to conceal it,

Bathing in the light stings the dark corners of our soul.

We may deny the light because shadows give us another side of the truth,

Living in “reality” where the light doesn’t seem to make it through,

Then blame life for falling into the trap that we knew.

As above so below

You can’t heal without pain.

You can’t have sun without clouds or rain.

You can’t have trust without suspicion.

You can’t have love without fear.

A piece of each dotted within the other

Creates a symphonic harmony.

Give and take,

A flow of exchange,

Seeing this gives our vision much more range

In deciding the type of life we want to live.

Two sides of the same coin,

Dancing & spinning in eternity,

Until the clock stops and the coin is no more to be,

Until the line becomes none,

As both merge to become one,

Then all shall be said and done.

~ Icarus

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