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Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Living a lie leads to luxury

Diamonds of deceit around my neck

Choking the truth out of me but it hasn’t come up yet

I look at what others have caused me

blame them for the circles I trot around

Why do I live in such a place

where I cannot be found

Land of the present

Land of the physical

I live in a dimension where I’m missing the spiritual

Or the emotion I look at the keys that I press

and I feel the ethereal

What am I feeling

I’m starting to discover

as Columbus charted new lands

that were already discovered

I jump into myself to find the other half

The side that I have longed for

The side that I also forsook and was gone for

I always ask myself what is it that I am

What is it that I feel

And a lot of times it’s hard for me to express or articulate

so I feel so much full of problems and scars

that I long to heal from

glass prison

bandages wrapped around my mind

I’ve been waiting for someone to come and peel

someone to come and open my mind’s eye

to see my Self in the mirror

so I can reveal who I’ve been

Not to them

Not to others

But to me

How could I have done the things that I’ve done

I slapped the cuffs on my wrist

and told my Self i should be shunned

but how could I see if I stand in the shadow of the sun

Where will I go

How will I be

If nothing in front of me represents the Love that i breathe

Steven, I feel as though we share similar Universes

Holding up a picture of our past self

Wanting to become that old version of past wealth

To the point we start to deny our current health

When you feel it you can’t force

When you force it you cant feel

It’s just like running forward but cutting your stride by striking your heel

Or striking your healing

I don’t know what I’ve been feeling

But I’ve been feeling “good” Something tells me to be wary of jinxing it

So I better knock on wood

I write in this form

Of staring at the keys

Just letting it flow so easily

as my fingers glide on the breeze

Not looking at the words

Not looking at what’s in front of me

Just flowing with the water of my motion

Emoting on my keys

~ Icarus

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