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And a New Cycle Begins...

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

To whoever is reading this, know that you are loved and appreciated. You are surrounded by family & friends who care about and for you. Days can go on end where we focus on issues bubbling up around us that we forget about the blessings we have as people around us.

Take this moment to say one thank you for someone you are grateful for.

Welcome to my blog... It feels a little weird to say and read that not gonna lie. A name will come to me in time, but yes welcome to my blog. My name is Devon and I'm a model, poet, and content creator. I'm from NYC and I want to share my poetry and other works in a place that isn't Instagram. Yes, I know that I can make a carousel with ten slides, but after three times it becomes annoying. Having to screenshot in the Notes App, then crop and organize to ensure certain parts flow right then deal with Instagram's crop...

I rather not.

I would be more satisfied posting here which is all a part of the plan. I want this space to be one of honest expression. I'll be sharing my thoughts and opinions on different matters (isn't this what every blog does anyways?). Moments just like that where I can be typing and have another thought in the mix. It's a part of everyday life where anything can happen but we tend to either keep those thoughts to ourselves, share them with one or two people, and most of the time just forget them. Of course, not every thought is important, but every thought does carry some importance.

As previously mentioned, I will be sharing poetry, art, thoughts/opinions, inspirational & motivational talk, and anything else I create. Overall I'm looking to have fun with this. Beyond me, I also want this to be a space for others to relate but also express, share, promote, or discuss what's on their mind. I would also be taking requests if anyone has anything they'd want me to discuss or hear my thoughts about.

Before I started writing, it was a blank screen. Now, it is full of characters that wouldn't have existed in this format if I didn't push any of these keys. This is a reminder to those who made it this far to take that first step in whatever you've been meaning to do. Cheers to a New Year and all it has to offer. Let's see what we can do with our remaining time.

In the meantime, be sure to comment with any questions or suggestions about what you'd like to see.
The possibilities are endless.

~ noble

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